"All What Is Loved Is Beautiful"

Mr. Booja-Booja
Mark Komaitai Fitzalan Howard

Was growing up at Pacific Harbour and Suva City, 35 years old and father of two young children .In his youth he was a successful and famous swimmer of the Fiji Islands.

He is a very strong customer oriented person and takes care for our clients. All operations and maintenance of our production and facilities are organized by him.

Before he was working as gym instructor relating to fitness, programs and diet, and as Life Guard, Suva City Council, Olympic Pool and Grand Pacific Hotel.

Until the COVID 19 pandemic he was working for many years in the Grand Pacific Hotel at the Maintance Department.
Petrus Karl Faller - Momo Pete

Has lived in the Fiji Islands for over 4 years. 57 years old, he has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. For the last 20 years he has been managing Booja Booja Co. Europe GmbH as director and shareholder, which sells and promotes organic and vegan chocolate pralines and ice cream very successfully throughout Europe.

For several years he ran a publishing house with an own bookstore and a chocolate shop. Founded with friends the Internet company Craft AG and built up a leading trading company for books, healthy food and Feng Shui furniture and articles.

He loves the people of the South Pacific and delicious chocolate. His passion is writing and poetry and has already published several books.
The Green Gorilla

Where Booja Booja appears there you will also meet the Green Gorilla.

He looks at the environment and his fellow human beings not as his enemies or opponents who need to be defeated or exploited.

Rather, they are a conscious part of his real being.

We all live - come and go - in the always-existing, all-encompassing unity, reality itself.

The green gorilla loves healthy, vegan and organic raw food - and is one of the inventors of green smoothies, so to speak.

The Green Gorilla has only one nationality - Earthkind.

He is a warrior of love - a new "raw" and peaceful archetype of the present time and the future.

His “politics” consists of cooperation + tolerance = peace. Because his heart alone knows the actual truth that all beings are always already free and happy, and every search and striving for it is then in vain.

That is why you often see the Green Gorilla lying in the hammock in the deepest equanimity or sitting in the treetops for hours, with a humming sound, simply looking at the world. Knowing that there is only love-bliss and devotion to it.


Booja Booja South Pacific Pte Ltd.

Office and Showroom:
28 Suva Street - Toorak
Suva - Fiji Islands

P.O. Box 13799 Suva-City
Fiji Islands

phone +0679 7424 723
webpage boojabooja-fiji.com
Directors: Momo Pete (Petrus Faller) and Mark Howard
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