We launched the © Ni Vanua label to identify products that express our business philosophy when we trade with the islands of the South Seas, or when we manufacture or have our own products manufactured in this most remote part of the world. We want to give our customers an indication of what distinguishes our products beyond beauty, elegance and taste.

Respect tradition

We support the old handicraft traditions of the South Sea islands with their unique carvings, weaving and printing technology, which is done exclusively by hand - often in isolated villages or islands. There it is often the only way to generate an income for the families or village communities. The goods are ordered and purchased by us directly there. The South Pacific is an indescribable conglomerate of different cultures from all over the world, a real mix of different ways of life and cultures. Every culture deserves our respect and recognition. Cooperation and tolerance are our guidelines.

Support Arts

The old craft techniques of the South Pacific should not be lost with our support, but should be able to develop further in the next generations. With your purchase you support these old handicrafts and the following generations. It is also important to us to bring beauty and pleasure into the world through our own design and creations. To train our employees in their freedom of expression and to constantly give new opportunities for creative growth and expression.

Preserve Climate

We attach great importance to the fact that all products, ecological, sustainable and, in the case of food, controlled organic, are produced and that sales to Europe or the USA are carried out as ecologically as possible by ship. Since this is not always possible due to the remoteness of the islands, we ensure CO2 compensation for all shipments. The structure of our company is also based on ecological, sustainable and health-preserving and promoting principles and we train our employees in this every day.

With the purchase of our products you support the people who have been affected by climate change year after year for more than a decade, through the increase in ever-increasing hurricanes.
In the 2020/21 hurricane season there were 12 storm warnings, three with wind force 3. Twenty thousand people were directly affected. Many lost their homes and livelihoods because nature needs at least 8 months to recover.
In the previous decades it was common for a strong hurricane to hit the island every 10 years. Now people are affected year after year, while the people who live on the coast are gradually being relocated to higher regions due to the rise in sea levels. In Fji alone, this affects 80 villages, more than 2000 people.

We are always available for questions about us and our individual projects.


Booja Booja South Pacific Pte Ltd.

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Directors: Momo Pete (Petrus Faller) and Mark Howard
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